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Who's a Nerd, Anyway?

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Nerds are part of every society, they live among us and we ourselves may be nerds. The English grammar would define the term as someone having wisdom, the current young generation, however, may not define it in the same way. It is a word coined with popular superiority and describes someone who stands out from the rest of the crowd. Nerds do things in their own way, they differ from others. It is not about being smart intellectually, as the old times folks used to define it. Today's kids define nerds as a different thing altogether. Those seen as nerds, possibly by members of their peer group, have something to do with skin color which translates to race. It seems a qualification for one to be a nerd; they ought to come from the white race. I agree with Nugents ideology of nerd and how this aspect shapes one's cultural identity.
Smarts kids were always well admired. The title solely belonged to students who worked hard in class, those who could answer the teacher's questions as per the book. Such kids were a delight to their parents and wore, ate and lived appropriately, keeping up to the society norms. Being a nerd did not mean to be a rebel. The nerdy culture of today is a lot different. It outlines how to be cool and different from the rest. The rest could just be a few who have remained loyal to the old times norms and culture. The name today is given by what the young kids define as admirable. The kids who can rap comfortably and wear the right outfit are special nerds. Language use defines the nerds. The ability to speak the new style and define things per the current culture is what today a child would define as being a nerd.
The norms and beliefs of nerds are set by kids' society. For a kid to be a nerd, they ought to follow these behavioral trends approved to be fine. The language of speech is the main trait of the kid who is nerd. They may drop has and leave out some other letters while speaking. Being a nerd today means belonging to a group of kids approved by their peers and age group as a team of nerds. The sad thing is that the learning profession and the parents may define nerds differently. Parents may possibly view this setting as a misguided troop. They may find them rebellious when they try to define things in their own way, away from what society has defined them for many years. There is no standard for being a nerd. The standard is set by your peers.
His argument does not get a correlation of today's nerdy style and behavior in relation to whiteness. While movies have long associated blacks with the character traits, things seem to be changing. Nerdy style seems to encompass major aspects of living from music, sporting and ways of communication. Media has depicted earlier that the behavior of the nerds is that of less taste for fashion or even feelings. The nerd kid today is that of a practical kid who wears clothes that match with the weather and not the fancy ones. The attire seems to be of a certain laboratory style. It looks specific and strange, especially to those who lived in the bling era. The earlier shiny clothing is being rejected by kids who want to be seen as nerds. Kids have their own music and even clothing that fits what they have defined as the way of a nerd.
Even though being a nerd had some trait of being much white, I think the nerd culture has gone overboard. The demand of a nerdy culture outruns the white culture. The nerd's behavior is borrowed from Africans and American only that it picks the finest qualities in between the lines that separate blacks and whites. When the media displays black nerds as blank in their feelings, which is what the todays consider admirable when they choose to be nerds. Seeing the stereotype and discrimination, the new kid sees it all as a privilege of being special.
One can ask a question: why is it that they want recognition, no matter the tag behind it? Does the nerd kid care whether he/she is depicted negatively or positively by the society? Well, their peer group defines the rules, not those outside, like you and me.
The advantage of the nerd culture is the elimination of racialism. The racial privilege is to go unnoticed. The media will speak of a black lawyer but not a white one. Nerds do not want that normality, even if they may be white. They want to be noticed as different, as a group no matter the race. They trash such a privilege for another one they have defined. It is better to be named a nerd by both blacks and whites than just being seen as a white. It does not earn respect; maybe hatred or fear. To a nerd this is not something to be proud of; there is respect for the peers when one is said to be a nerd.
The problem of the nerd culture is that it is borrowed heavily from the Black American, yet seen among the whites. The behavior of the American nerd white kid has certain qualities that the media used in stereotyping black nerds earlier. The culture mainly affects the black kids who may not be much willing to display these nerd qualities to their white counterparts. The cool white kid living as a black, picking some qualities that seem to be nerdy but discrediting the rest of the black life can bring enmity between the two. There is also the problem of school. The nerd kid does not want to be best in class in the traditional way. Nerdy behavior is a post modern trend that affects the reading culture of this society. The kids want to be smart but they do not want to be seen reading books in school. Being cool is the word. The nerd culture should be well examined and checked not to be a rebellion to good old traditions of our society.
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