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How to progress animation

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There are several different ways through which animations can be improved and one of the best ways to do that is through practicing the skill consistently. The more you practice the more your skill is going to grow and the further you will be able to take your communication skills through presenting an image. The best corporate animated video tend like to stand out due to their clear imagery and how each frame connects with one another to form a story. What are the other ways to improve animation in your opinion?

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You are right about consistent and regular practice to improve your animation skills. I also recommend reading a book about classic hand-drawn animation from Walt Disney, it provides a good basis for further study and it describes all the basic animation techniques that are still used in any digital animation. And then I advise you to watch tutorials on YouTube on character animation in which you can see practical skills and then practice on your projects. I found a lot of these tutorials there and basically almost all of them were posted on channels with at least 74 thousand subscribers! I am sure their authors resort to the services of in order to wind up subscribers.

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