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How to do a reverse image search on iPhone

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For someone who has been in this industry for quite some time now, you can probably think of how to do a reverse image search on iPhone and still not be aware that iPhones have been around since 2008. But if we remember the first iPhone, it is said to have been introduced in 2007; one would have to conclude that iPhones were in existence for at least seven years now. The same argument could be made when we talk of how to do a reverse image search on an iPhone, although many might contradict us here. If they do so, it is best not to listen to them because the truth is that iPhones have been around for quite some time now, and they will never stop being a part of our lives.


Now, the very same argument could be made about the Blackberry. But if we look at both these devices, their origins are different, and so is the fact that they were introduced so long ago. So we have to ask: how to do a reverse image search on iPhone? And the answer is straightforward, and it is very logical. All you need is a computer. In other words, nothing else is required.

Once you have connected your device to the computer (which could be done through the USB port) and once your system is up and running, you need to log on to the server of the company offering you the service and then use your keyboard to browse through the images you want. Of course, there are limitations here - you cannot get as many photos as you like (the more, the merrier), there is also a limitation when it comes to loading images from external sources. But still, these are very limited.

Reverse image search

What happens when you need unlimited amounts of images? This is when you need to find out how to do a You need to turn to your trusty search engine. Log in to one of the sites offering such services and use their advanced search features to find out how to do a reverse image search on iPhone.

If you use their image-search options, you will see that they provide you with an opportunity to either download the images, or if you prefer not to download them, you can also place them directly on your iPhone. How? Again, all you need to do is to use your trusty search engine.
Once you have located the images you need, you have to drag and drop them on the iPhone's home screen.

The search results will show up, and you will be asked to choose which image you would like to view. Once you have selected an embodiment, the search is now completed. You will, of course, be given the choice of where to store the images. You can either save the images on your iPhone, or the website will ask you to save them to your computer. Click on the Save button once you have selected an image.

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